What is Health Advocacy?

A Health Advocate is someone who acts as a support system, coach, and mentor for you on your journey to wellness. Your advocate is someone you empower to empower you.  It can be as little as scheduling your appointments but often includes accompanying you to your appointments to act as a second set of ears to help absorb the sometimes overwhelming information you receive. A Health Advocate is there to help organize the chaos. To help quantify conflicting information, manage supplement protocols, and inform all parties of each proper procedure.  When on your journey to recovery, there will be many cooks in the kitchen in an attempt to get you well, a Health Advocate acts as a sous chef helping to create order and understanding during the execution. As all of the best Lyme literate Doctors can attest, the symptoms of Lyme disease and many other chronic illnesses, while having a few consistencies, can also be extremely disparate and nerve wracking. As your Health Advocate Daisy is there to help take the confusion and stress out of this process so you can focus on the most important part of the journey, healing.

Dr. Klinghard speaks about Daisy as a Health Advocate:

These patients get well with you on the front lines and… I mean, most of the credit should go to you. I lent my notoriety to the cases and all of my teachings basically but the things you know and your expertize is all yours and you do all the work with them and for them. For every Lyme patient there is a period where the patient needs to recognize that their own intelligence has been hijacked and they cannot trust their own intuition and they need an outside intelligence to guide them through the initial process of actually fighting the microbes in ways that actually gets rid of the microbes and Yolanda as well as other clients who hire you had the intuition or the intelligence to choose you Daisy as their outside intelligence and actually then without the influence in their brain without the influence of the microbes they could turn to you so you could say, “listen don’t do this- do that- follow this, follow that.” And you guide them out of a very tough stage of recovery. This is necessary and every Lyme patient needs to have, how do you say it- support person. There’s another word I’m looking for. Every person needs to have an advocate as the outside intelligence that for a while each Lyme patient has to put their trust in an outside person to guide them, just with common sense out of that phase, I mean they need these multiple hours of time with you to reach that phase. Yolanda clearly reached that place, where her intelligence took over, became superior to the intelligence of the bugs and could make decisions against the bugs, intelligent decisions, showing that her guidance system was back and for me this was joy to see and this is thanks to you and your work.”
— Dr. Klinghardt of The Klinghardt Academy & Sophia Health Institute

When you're dealing with Lyme and other chronic illnesses, you may have some questions:

Brain fog?  What is that?

Why can’t I get out of bed?

Am I just depressed?

Am I seeing the right people?  Do I need additional help?  Do I need help juggling the multiple practitioners with conflicting advice?  Have all of my practicioners been communicating with each other?  Are they aware of the different protocols I've explored?

I've looked at traditional Western Medicine for treatment? I've looked to Eastern Medicine for treatment? I've looked to homeopathy for treatment? Can all of these work in concert with each other?

Am I in my own way of healing?

All of these questions are normal. Your Health Advocate is there to act as a guide,  to help you find the best of what you need for your individual situation.