Healing the World One Mouth at a Time

I feel inspired by the six plus hours of surgery I just watched Doctor Volz perform today at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland. This remarkable dentist and surgeon is doing what many don’t have the fortitude to do. This brave and brilliant man is cleaning the world up one mouth at a time. And if that wasn’t enough, this entrepreneurial dentist has created Swiss Dental Solutions a company which builds full ceramic implants. Dr. Volz uses zirconium oxide only in his surgeries, a product he devised and manufactures for the best results in bio-immunological implantology. So…Ulrich Volz is literally changing the world of dentistry! This moves me because; It was only just hours ago that my beautiful young client Autumn Lee Reed had a mouth full of various metals and infections and that her health was negatively impacted by it all. But thanks to Ulrich Volz her mouth is now free of all metals and of all toxins and bugs that were living in her cavitations. I have been lucky to watch this master perform this type of surgery with clients several times this year, but today I am particularly touched by doctor Volz’s generosity of spirit as well as his determination to help people with his unique skill; knowledge and expertise.  

So many of us, men and women alike have been physically compromised with our dental health. Our mouths are precious gateways to so much in our lives; love, nutrition, intimacy, communication-- we all believe that the doctors and dentists who care for our oral health do so with honesty and integrity. When we are told that our mouths are metal and infection free by our family dentists we believe them. When we are told that root canals are our best options to save our teeth we trust them. But at the end of this often long journey for many chronically ill patients we feel betrayed to learn that none of this is true. As a health advocate to many trying to restore health, I have seen the shock on many faces when they learn that their mouths are filled with substances that are making them all so sick. Many were told; “You have absolutely NO metal in your mouth!” Yet, in the chair, during surgeries like the one I just watched, mercury amalgams are found, metal based crowns are found, metal posts are found, titanium implants are found—all metals! And, cavitations are smoldering as well as infected root canals with big cysts or ankylosed teeth that should simply not be there anymore. How do we find our way through this maze of confusion?

 My own mouth was a cause of many sleepless nights, I spent years solving it. I was born and raised in France of American hippies none concerned over dental issues. Raised by a French concierge from the farm in Bretagne while mom and dad were partying with Dylan and Baez my uneducated nanny knew nothing about dental hygiene. She never told us to brush our teeth! So at 12 when I was sent to a fancy New York City Cornell educated dentist by my new fancy psychotherapist stepmom, the dentist did what seemed like the best job ever—she heroically filled my 17 cavities with mercury amalgams. At 13, 14, 15 I had the beginnings of chronic life-long bladder infections, no one would have put the two together, not then. Years later, in my later thirties, after removing all my metal fillings I was left with a mouth full of infections. The then Biological dentist drilled too deep and damaged all the nerves in my teeth. I was told for ten years by the conventional dental community that root canals were my best option, so I obliged. Ten years later and 20 miscarriages behind me with a Lyme disease diagnosis and more, I had a body full of chronic pain. Thanks to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Ulrich Volz I have been able to restore my health as well as help other do the same.

But, I am compelled to add this piece. It’s no secret that I overcame many years of sexual abuse as well as my own self-abuse thereafter through high class prostitution. I have written about this at length. It’s also clear to me that my transforming through this has been an integral part of my own healing journey as well as my contribution to other’s healing paths. I’ve dedicated years of therapy and spiritual work to transforming this and have found true balance.  I realized early on that for me the abuse with my mouth began there, the historical picture of my oral suffering is clear. I have also held the hands of many clients who have struggled with this same history. What disturbs me though, is that our culture is still living in a paradigm where the patriarchal dominance is king. By this I mean that many with this kind of early abuse have a repeat trauma. The trust we all place in dentists and doctors who fill our mouths with substances we don’t agree to, mirrors the early betrayal we suffered with being sexually abused. In the current climate in America where many hidden secrets are being revealed by those betrayed, I am honored to be part of a new healing community. One where Healing is given priority. Healing with a capital H must be given applause. It is in these midst that we can become whole again. Dr. Volz and Dr. Klinghartdt are the kind of doctors that are leading this movement. Chairside surgery with Dr. Volz I observe the care he takes to avoid any re-trauma for all his patients, even under anesthesia. Being used as the arm for Dr. Klinghardt with my clients I watch him finding the underlying causes of patterns of illness. These men are a new breed of doctors necessary for our culture’s deep wounds, ones who lead with their hearts. These men are slowly shifting a paradigm that no longer serve us, they are leaders in an artistry of medicine we must support. There is a poetry in how they care for us all. As I sit here watching Dr. Volz complete his work today with my courageous client Autumn, I am filled with gratitude for this work and this new breed of Healers, and I am honored to be a part of this path with them both and for all who need our help.